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Uber or Private Car Service?

There is such a new hype about Uber in today's transportation. Uber is a huge marketed company offering so many new ways of transportation with a push of a button. But, is this the best way to travel? Is it the safest way or the cheapest compared to the local limousine and car service companies in your area?

Let's look at what Uber offers:

Ordering a car with a push of a button

Paying with your online account, no cash transactions

Splitting your fare with another rider

Ride credit for future rides

All of these features are excellent for the new millineum rider but what if you need to add an extra stop or get stuck in traffic. The Uber system also runs on a running meter, like a taxi, so your final charge is unknown until the ride is over. Some people have been charged a few hundred dollars for a local ride that would normally cost at least 70% cheaper with a local privat car service. Ever heard of surge pricing? Well, low and behold, surge pricing is a huge complaint of Uber customers today. You can order a ride and your estimated cost would be 2x or 3x the amount! Still not knowing the final charge until the ride is complete.

Besides the unknown and inconsistent pricing, you are also unknown of the driver and vehicle you are ordering for service. Is the driver pleasant and professional? Is the vehicle maintenanced properly, clean and air conditioned for warm days? There are alot of unknowns for a new customer, some which are a very deciding factor.

Ordering a private car from a local company would grant more guarenteed high level of service. Insured, maintenanced vehicles with professional and polite drivers whom pride in representing their companies to continue to gain loyal customers. A customer will always know more definite pricing upfront rather than not knowing until the end of their travel. And most of all, you may speak directly to a person instead of being forced to only send an email for questions or possible complaints.

If a customer wants more of a guarenteed, all-around, quality of service, they should definitely search their local private car services and choose ultimately on their own expectations.

For local service in South Jersey and Philadelphia, please feel free to contact us at (800) 518-2844 or visit our website to get a fare estimate or book easily online.

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