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Reliable Corporate Travel Just For You

Open a Corporate Account


If your company has employees or executives who travel frequently you may benefit from opening a corporate account. Please fill out the form below and you will be contacted by a Corporate Account Specialist.

A corporate account lets you easily arrange transportation for your company. You can take advantage of our direct pay system and utilize centralized billing. This will allow you to receive one monthly invoice for all of your airport transportation. We also will maintain a list of all your passengers so you can easily book for frequent travelers. We'll also keep track of the locations your company visits most frequently. We help you to simplify airport transportation so that you don't have to think about it. 

SJ Specialty Limousine, we service all major airports, cruise ports and train terminals in the Tri-State region, so we can help you arrange service to and from the airports and any other location. We also offer you many different vehicle options so that you can arrange transportation for any size party. 

Private Shuttle Van
A private shuttle van will typically seat between 10-14 passengers. This is a good option for larger groups who are all going to depart on the same flight or for groups going to and from convention centers. 

Executive Sedan
Executive sedan or town car services will usually accommodate 3-4 passengers depending upon the amount of luggage. This is a good option for small parties or people at your company who will be travelling separately. 

Extended Executive SUV
Our extended executive suvs can normally seat 7 passengers and hold up to 8-10 medium size luggage bags. If you have a party of corporate executives or potential clients that need transportation to or from the airport we can arrange for an appropriate size vehicle to transport them in style.


Stretch Limousine

We can accommodate group sizes from 8 to 14 passengers with one of our luxury limousines. Equipped with fully stocked mini bars, elegant lighting and comfortable seating. Whether it be a company gathering or a meeting in the city, our limousines can transport your company to any event. 


Ready for a Corporate Account?


See Capability Statement.

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