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New Jersey, Philadelphia, Delaware, New York

Luxury Limousine & Airport Taxi Service





We will have you picked up at your location of choice with on-time arrival to get to the game early enough to find your seats and buy food at the concession stands.  We can also make tailgating accommodations and provide room for table, chairs, food, and beer.

This is the beauty of hiring SJ Specialty Limousine Service, for your sporting event transportation.  We make the trip so much more convenient when you don't have to deal with driving, traffic, taking multiple cars, dragging supplies in your cars, parking spots and parking expense.

Best of all, we are your designated drivers for the day so nobody needs to worry about their beer consumption. Once the game is over, we'll be waiting out front.  Simply hop on in and we will be merrily on our way. Just sit back and relax as we take you on a leisurely ride back home.

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